Top 10 Instagram influencers in Malaysia in 2023

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Top 10 Instagram influencers in Malaysia in 2023

Today, Digital technology has changed how we interact, and social media has revolutionized our communication, connection, and consumption of information. Through its desirable platform, Instagram has led to new types of content creators referred to as influencers. The influencers have not only developed the craft of creating captivating posts, but they have also developed followers who are glued to their every word and picture.

Today, we’ll concentrate on the Top 10 Instagram influencers in Malaysia who have been creating huge waves in the world of Instagram. Malaysia will produce some of the most well-known Instagram influencers in 2023.

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What Exactly Is an Instagram Influencer?

A social media celebrity with a sizable Instagram following is an Instagram influencer. These influencers choose material that connects with a particular audience and often focus on specific niches rather than merely uploading photos and details about their everyday lives.

Here’s a closer look at the influencer landscape on Instagram:

  1. The Niche Specialists
  2. The Visual Storytellers
  3. The Engagers
  4. The Collaborators
  5. The Trendsetters
  6. The Platform Experts

List of top 10 Malaysian Influencers to follow in 2023

1.  Neelofa (@neelofa): 8.7M followers:


Neelofa is Malaysia’s most popular social media influencer, with over 8.7 million Instagram followers. In her native nation of Malaysia, Neelofa is well-known as a TV personality. She has hosted various TV programs, with her captivating presentation style earning her a fan favorite among viewers.

Because of her celebrity in the entertainment industry, she was able to develop and market multiple business ventures. She has successfully created and operated various businesses, including a hijab fashion, cosmetics, and lifestyle company with a halal focus. She is well-known in the industry for her entrepreneurial zeal, influence, and broad network. She is ranked #1 on our list of the top 10 Instagram social media influencers in Malaysia due to her ability to effectively utilize the platform to promote herself and her companies.


2.  Zizan Razak (@zizanrazak869): 7.8 million followers

Zizan Razak started his career as a comedian, performing on many television programs and participating in comedy contests. He gained popularity due to his distinguishing sense of humor, wit, and improv. He has presented comedy programs, game shows, award ceremonies, and chat shows, earning him a reputation as a dynamic and engaging presenter who has won many Malaysians’ hearts.

Zizan is well-known for his charitable initiatives outside of the entertainment industry. He has used his celebrity to campaign for social justice issues, attend charity events, and assist needy people. Zizan Razak is Malaysia’s second most followed person on Instagram because of the passionate fan base he has progressively built over the course of his career. He can market his works and numerous sponsorship agreements on Instagram thanks to his large Malaysian fans and great social media engagement.

3.  Mirah Filzah (@mfmirafilzah): 7.3 million followers


In Malaysia’s ever-changing entertainment business, talent, commitment, and hard work may make someone a household star. Mira Filzah is an outstanding figure who has captured the public’s attention since she began performing eight years ago. Mira has built a career that has grabbed audiences throughout Malaysia, thanks to her contagious grin and charm, acting talents, and growing social media following.

She rose to fame by engaging her 7.3 million followers by opening up about her personal life and gifting them with her flawless style. In addition to her own stylish and bold take on the hijab—the religious, Islamic, and cultural symbol for Muslim women that involves covering their hair, neck, and sometimes shoulders—she advertises all of her endorsement deals with other high-end brands.

4.  Ebit Lew (@ebitlew): 6.6 million followers

Ebit Lew’s great appreciation originates from his standing as an inspiring role model, humanitarian endeavors, accessibility, religious advocacy, copious social media participation, and active online presence.His continuous efforts to better the lives of others and instill hope in others have earned him tremendous accolades throughout Malaysia. The trust and genuineness he inspires in his followers stem from his ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life.

5.  Scha Alyahya (@schaalyahya): 6.6 million followers

Scha Alyahya is a model, actress, and product ambassador who became famous after winning a beauty pageant and being offered a significant part in a film. She has become one of Malaysia’s most sought-after Instagram influencers and is regularly seen in the front row of local and international fashion events. Scha now works as an actress in television shows and movies and assists in managing her husband’s retail firm and brand.

She keeps her Instagram fans up to speed on her business and personal pursuits, such as the most recent sponsorship agreements, excursions, and clothing. Scha Alyahya rose to fame in Malaysia’s entertainment business due to her talent, charm, and strong personality. She’s sponsored numerous major luxury brands, like Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Gucci, to mention a few, demonstrating her longevity as one of Malaysia’s most popular social media stars.

6.  Hanis Zalikha (@haniszalikha): 6.1 million followers

Hanis Zalikha, a Malaysian celebrity and housewife, is Malaysia’s sixth most-followed Instagram influencer, with 6.1 million followers. Her natural approach to content production has resulted in a devoted fan following her every move and anticipating her articles, updates, and recommendations.

Hanis utilizes social media to introduce the globe to her Malaysian lifestyle firm, Cakenis, by providing her supporters with professional-grade marketing posters, information on new products, and fascinating storylines showcasing the company’s distinct personality. She understands how to choose visually attractive and charming material that keeps her audience interested and engaged while building anticipation for her brand’s goods as a talented content creator.

7.  Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman (@khairulaming): 3.7M followers

Malaysia’s famous chef, Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman, is Malaysia’s seventh most popular Instagram social media influencer, with over 3.7 million followers. He’s so popular that world-famous chef Gordon Ramsey has made a video reply to his stuff!

Malaysians have a tremendous interest in food and consider themselves serious foodies. They investigate new eateries, gourmet trends, and hidden culinary treasures. Malaysian food content contributors contribute to this culinary trip by sharing suggestions, reviews, and insights into the country’s flourishing food scene. Khairul is a fantastic chef who generates material through easy-to-follow culinary tutorials, making him Malaysia’s top food content developer.

8.  Syahmi Sazli (@syahmisazli): 2.5 million followers

As more Malaysians go online to look for news, information, and community, there has been a remarkable surge in digital consumption. Online video makers have benefited from this trend by creating videos that are both captivating and simple to grasp. Syahmi is a video maker who emerged on the scene just in time; he directs and produces short films for the Malaysian market.

Syahmi got attention with his 2020 comedic film “Mael Totey: The Movie,” which he directed, wrote, and produced. He led and produced the film, an adaptation of his short YouTube drama series. The film has been characterized as a combination of spontaneous and staged comedy, with dramatic monologues in Kelantan dialect that create a genuine and comfortable vibe.

Syahmi Sazli, a YouTube sensation at the time for similarly making videos, made his feature film debut with the film. The mix of a YouTuber’s success story transitioning to the big screen was motivating and intriguing, particularly given the content’s authenticity and relatability. Syahmi’s massive Instagram following illustrates his ability to engage with audiences and produce attractive and relevant material in various media forms, cementing his position as one of Malaysia’s top Instagram influencers.

9.  Syafiq Kyle (@syafiqkylez): 2.4 million followers

Actors in Malaysia are generally praised by a large fan following for their flair, charm, and creative ability. They are attractive due to the way they dress sense, red-carpet appearances, and brand endorsements. Some performers have a better connection with their fanbases because of how they show themselves to vast audiences.

Syafiq Kyle is one of these adored performers, one of Malaysia’s most prominent social media influencers, with 2.4 million followers. From his parts in these flicks, you can see him clutching assault guns on the movie posters when he’s not promoting his current movies or products. Aside from his physical appeal, it is easy to see why Malaysians like him because of his overall good image.

10.  Alieff Irfan (@irfxn__): 2.1 million followers


Starting with Alieff Irfan’s automotive enthusiast idea, Malaysia’s top ten Instagram social media influencers have over 2 million followers. He has become well-known for his specialist material on various types of cars, which has a significant and ardent following despite its niche character.

Alieff’s automobile material is immensely popular among the country’s social media users because of its eye-catching style and intricacy. His increasing Malaysian fan following is excited about his newest high-quality images, movies, and immersive experiences, which include magnificent automobiles, entertaining road trips with friends, and exhilarating driving situations such as drifting with powerful motors.


Here you can find the Instagram influencers in Malaysia. Instagram has become one of Malaysia’s most prominent social networking platforms, with many marketers and companies using its broad user base to boost their brands. The majority of Malaysia’s top Instagram influencers are celebrities, including actors, models, and TV personalities, according to the list above. Given the ever-increasing number of Malaysian social media users and influencers who can promote your brand, there has never been a better time than now to use Instagram for digital marketing.

You may use this data to design a well-informed campaign focused on the beauty, leisure, travel, and entertainment sectors and targeting your platform’s specific demographics. The advantages of the creative economy are apparent, and Malaysian firms can see how beneficial it is to collaborate directly with artists, for example, by developing a social commerce income stream.

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